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Child - Parent Estrangement

Just now PBS posted a link to a site (nextavenue.org) on FB that had an article for parents of estranged adult children. It basically gave tips on how to reestablish a relationship with that child. It hit a bit too close to home as I'm estranged from my mom, but the article just made me feel like crap (as it does most times when this topic comes up) because it assumes that the relationship can and should be reestablished. I know its purpose was to how to fix the relationship, but why couldn't this article or ANY article just concede that toxic relationships (and kind of relationship whatsoever) are bad for you and for your well being you, and therefore disengaging from them is the healthiest thing you can do.

There's few people I talk about my estrangement with and it's only those people who have similar relationships with a parent or people who are just very empathetic and can see outside of their own experience. Sadly, in my experience, that latter kind of person is hard to find; happily, my husband is that person. I just can't get another...'but how can you not have your mother in your life' response/reaction.


Anyway, thanks PBS and your weird affiliated site for that downer.

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