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Childhood And Zevon

Send me Lawyers, Guns, and Money. And your favorite rock n' roll songs.

I remember my mom bought the Excitable Boy album when I was like, 10. We would turn it up in the car and all sing along. Favorite part? Yelling "The shit has hit the fan" in Lawyers, Guns, and Money. Because it was one of those rare occasions where I got to say a swear. She explained he was dying, and we had to appreciate his music before he was gone (when I was 13, he died). She's a total child of the sixties. This was the only time she took over from my dad in music education.


Like I mentioned, Lawyers, Guns, and Money is my favorite song (also got mad love for Werewolves of London because I got to say "ah-whooooo!"). But the main reasons I love Lawyers, Guns, and Money are:

  • My parents were/are lawyers. So for a long time I thought that they went to Havana to bail someone out of jail in the most badass way possible.
  • Like I said, I got to say "shit" in front of my mom without being grounded.
  • I liked to imagine I got stuck between a rock and a hard place in some far off land, and that I would actually get into some kind of dramatic situation. In the sixties/seventies, of course (Even though I was born in 1990). I was kinda a strange kid being raised by, well not hippies, but a mom and dad with alternative parenting methods.
  • It was easy to sing along to, and had a great beat.

I recently downloaded it after hearing it again on the radio, and it still brings up a lot of good childhood memories. We always had The Rolling Stones, Bowie, The Sex Pistols, etc. playing at all times. Dad being the expert, because he worked for Bill Graham Presents (and was at Altamont...not great memories). Sorry if these were sorta personal, but I wanted to give the back stories.


So, I present to you, my Monday morning anthem (which I hope shows up):

Couldn't find a full, uncensored version. Gotta have "shit" in the song.

Any anthems? Songs that just make you wanna stand up and sing like a rock star?


Edit: GT is being wonky, my replies are showing up in the wrong threads!

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