The kid I nanny has moved beyond just playing that obnoxious complicated Pokemon card game to watching Pokemon: Indigo League, which is on Netflix!! I had completelt forgotten the theme song, but the moment it came on I felt my whole childhood rushing back on me—we actually owned the first few episodes of Indigo League on vhs when I was around the age my little squirt is now. My thoughts on seeing it again:

1. This show is adorable. Pikachu is so cute! Ash really wanting for Misty not to hurt Caterpie’s feelings is so cute! Everything is cute!

2. Team Rocket is even weirder and creepier than I remembered.

3. This show actually has female characters! I’d have to watch a lot more to form an opinion as to their overall representation, but it seems to me to have vastly more female characters than any other show the older boy has ever watched with me: Wild Kratts, Octonauts, Clone Wars, and especially Slugterra.

4. I felt from the first moment of seeing Slugterra that it was a shitty knockoff of Pokemon, and that feeling continues to grow. I don’t think it’s bad for kids because it doesn’t have bad messages or anything (other than the fact that there seems to be one female character in the entire universe of the show, and she’s clearly just Misty 2.0), but it’s just so dumb.

5. I’m actually enjoying this show! It’s always hard to know if the shows you liked as a kid really were great, or if you just formed attachments when you were too young to have good taste and now you’re biased, but I think it’s a better show for entertainment value than all the ones I named above. I do appreciate the educational and conversationist message of Wild Kratts and Octonauts, I just find them boring personally.


I might be doing Clone Wars a real disservice here—I have not sat and watched it much with the kid, and so my main impression is that although there are female characters, by the time this show was made we should have seen closer to fifty-fifty gender ratios. Also, Ahsoka does not seem to own clothes and Asajj Ventress has a great big boob window in her outfit. I feel like in this day and age, we shouldn’t have this crap in a kids’ show. At least Pokemon has the excuse of being old, and there being more than a tiny number of women to sexualize!

Also, Pokemon is hilarious. James waving around his rose saying, “well, we ARE the bad guys!” Omg too great/weird/great. None of the other shows this kid watches are as weirdly quirky and fun.