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Child rearing according to the Annoying Inlaws

So the other day, my Annoying Brother in Law was cooking in the kitchen. His two year old daughter asked to come in. He told her no, but gave her a chocolate muffin, and left her in the living room.

When he turned back around, she had smushed it into the white carpet in the living room.


Their response to this? Apparently my niece is terrified of the vacuum cleaner, so they decided that the best way to respond to this was to force their two year old to clean up the mess with the vacuum cleaner. Apparently my Annoying Sister in Law held her hands on the vacuum cleaner wand, while she sobbed and the mess was cleaned up.

If a kid intentionally makes a mess, they should have to help clean it up. But you don't pick a cleaning method that terrifies them just to make your point. It's just cruel.

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