I’m so fucking lucky.

My life did not allow for chidren of my own, but I’ve got so many in my life nonetheless. Sooo many, and it’s been a decades long love affair that will continue for decades more, if I continue to be a Lucky Auntie:) They all call me Auntie Ding.

Let’s count!

Lamby, Sweety Girl, Baby Jackass, Soldier, Mae~Mae, Daddy’s Namesake, Chandelier, Baby L., baby named my own name, Christmas N1 & N2, Meesh, Maimee, Another Jackass, Jeppy, Jesse (RIP), Luke (RIP), Spills, Albatross, Fried, Beef, Skate, Blotto, TJ, Style & Snerk.

First tier, ‘cause there are new babies now. I know I’m lucky & I know I’m showin’ off!