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Children and online privacy

As someone without kids, it always surprises me how much people share about their children’s lives, good and bad. The daughter of one of my coworkers is going through cancer treatment, and he set up a blog where he details everything going on with her health and how the family is coping. I get the reasoning behind it (to cut down on all the questions he would otherwise face, and to give people a place to send best wishes), but I can’t help but wonder if this girl will one day regret the face that her entire health history (including things like the fact that they’re removing and freezing one of her ovaries) is out there online. This is an extreme example, but basically every parent I know shares pictures and all details of their kids’ lives. By the time these children are adults, every part of their lives will be publicly available. I know I would hate to have that information about me out there. What do you think?


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