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Children's Hospital Veterans?

So, growing up I was in and out of the doctors and hospitals all the time due to endometriosis, allergies, and asthma. I can’t remember a year I didn’t end up in the hospital for some period of time. And, by the time, I was 12 or so, it was basically a monthly (if not weekly thing). Anyone else relate?

I’m experiencing some stuff with my daughter who, at her 6 mo appt today, was referred immediately to the children’s hospital. I went on my own to her routine appt and thought “Everything will be great, I’ll take her, drop her off, and drive to work”. The reality was I took her, the doctor said “get thee to a children’s hospital” and I drove straight there. I was decidedly more zen than her dad who has never ever even had an IV (he’s very healthy) who was freaking the fuck out. I at last know what to expect. In the end, we are just going in for more imaging for what doesn’t seem to be an emergent issue that will be a “watch and wait” on wednesday. But man, this brought me back to a bad place.

As a veteran of that circuit, I probably know more about health insurance and costs of procedures than most people. I also know what it’s like to be blamed by a parent for their stressed and failing marriage due to the fact that you’re sick. Trying not to ever be that parent. Anyone been through this? Advice on how to distance yourself enough to be a good parent and not be so stressed.


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