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Jez will probably post something soon enough, but the folks over at Slate did some digging and it’s kinda scary. I had to share.

Here’s yesterday’s Jez piece. Here’s Slate’s follow up.

To recap: In a now-deleted Craiglist ad, a Bel-Air mother sought tutoring help for her son, a UCLA senior, regarding his gender studies course and final paper. The goshdarn kid just had no interest and couldn’t put in the effort, you see. The ad requested that the tutor meet the son in person.


Turns out that the ad posting is fake. That “typical young man” and UCLA student “Nate Schermer” is actually 27-year-old Nader Modgeddi who has an extensive history of harassing of feminist-identified women on social media, including rape threats and dick pics. Once called on his shit by Slate, Modgeddi claimed to have made up the ad “to see what kind of responses it would get.”

Sounds like an elaborate lure to me.

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