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Chinese food as Linux :)

I had planned a post on learning and teaching languages, but i'm not happy with it yet and at this point i'm considering just doing an open thread where i can answer your questions. But while procrastinating and doing research i ran into this faaaaabulous talk by Jennifer 8 Lee on Chinese food and Fortune Cookies. Basically she compares it to Linux because the Chinese food that's eaten outside of China, in no way resembles the Chinese food eaten inside China and the homes of Chinese in the diaspora (unless you live here).

So have you lived abroad and found your favorite foods from home completely unrecognizable? When i lived in China i learned to love cold salads with mayonnaise on them. Pizza was always an adventure. They used knife and fork to eat it in Shanghai and Pizza Hut was fiiiine dining!! My students also thought Americans ate hamburgers, exclusively. It was fun when i tried to explain to them that hamburger was a type of sandwich and that it wasn't the shape, but the meat that made it a hamburger. LOL.

What are your stories??


Here's the link for the image source :)

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