There is very little on the planet that I find funnier than silly typos. Imagine my joy, then, when I discovered all of the following at ONE location โ€” the restaurant where LadyTrout and I just ate dinner. I swear none of these are made up or embellished in any way:

  • Pork With Mushyoom
  • Beff W Broccoli
  • Flounder Fish (as opposed to Flounder Chicken?)
  • Fried Saalop
  • Fry Chisp (these were French Fries โ€” don't ask me how we even got "Chisp")
  • Chisty Shrimp (I still have no idea what these were supposed to be)
  • Steamed Clas
  • Fred Dumplings
  • Swee Sour Chicken
  • Bake Imatation Crab Meat
  • Babyclams W Butteys

And now, a story. Years ago, my cousin's roommate excitedly handed him a takeout menu as soon as he walked through the door one evening. My cousin started reading it, and while there were some entertaining typos, there was nothing of the sort he hadn't seen before. "Yeah, it's funnyโ€”" my cousin started to say, attempting to hand it back. "NO," his roommate told him. "Keep reading."

So he kept reading, and he didn't know what his roommate was on about until he came to the final part of the menu. You know, the part where it says something like, typically, "Thank you for your business."

This menu, however, read: "We Thank You For Your Come."