I told my mother weeks ago there is something conartisty about them. Their smiles seem fake and their reactions seem staged and their interactions are troublesome with the clients pretending they are part of the family.

Well now the Gaines are not happy that the folks who own the homes in which the Gaines worked on and GOT paid for, some of them are renting.

Big deal. The clients own the home and paid the Gaines to do the work. As soon as the clients check cleared that’s it. What the homeowners do is none of the Gaines business. The clients could take all the furnishing and put it in the trash. That’s their right.

This entitlement the Gaines feel is disturbing. Its none of their business what their clients do to their own property.

This show needs to be cancelled. If the Gaines do not understand a rudimentary business concept as this they should not be in business.


This also seems very controlling and stalkish. Stalkish as in keeping tabs of what former clients do then gettng upset about it.