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ETA: I have a professional coming to my house this afternoon! Thanks for all the input and thanks to facw and car54 for insisting my insurance will pay for it without a deductible!

I feel like I am bombarding GT for life recommendations lately, but does anyone have any best advice on how to repair a chip in my windshield? It’s pretty small (smaller than a lentil), but it is right on the driver’s side. I’ve seen that there are do it yourself kits online for like 10-20, or I checked it out on a site like Safelite and they were quoting me at 110 dollars for one chip fix. There’s a local glass place I haven’t called yet and I don’t know if they’d be comparable.

I guess my question is - is this one of those things I can do myself with the cheap kit (I’m pretty handy in general) or is it one of those things that is worth paying the money for a professional to do? The car is a lease (I have about a year left on the lease), if that makes a difference. Obviously I’d love it if it is just a quick thing I can do myself, but I’d rather have it done right.


Thoughts? Experiences? It’s been about five days since it happened and the interwebs seems to suggest that I need to do it sooner rather than later (it’s been raining the last few days though so it hasn’t really been an option)

Thanks in advance as per usual GT! (And if oppolock is still a thing or if anyone from there is chilling around please feel free to chime in!)

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