When I rescheduled my chiropractic appointment last week, I inadvertently switched from the doctor I'd been seeing to his partner.

I've been a fan of the switch, so far. It feels like progress is actually being made, where before I was starting to wonder if the partner was just taking my money.

My appointment went long this morning and he adjusted all the usual suspects, then started working on the scapula, pushing it more toward the direction of where it's supposed to live. Then, when he had me walking around, I felt drunk.

I was a little wobbly going home, and then overwhelmingly exhausted. I have work to do, so I've been trying to fight the nap. Now I'm getting narrow vision, mild spinnies, and a whole lot of aching.

Did he break me? Am I cured?
GroupThinkers, my body is a mess but this is bearable if he's fixing me. Is this normal?