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So, as some of you might know, I'm from the South. We're talking debutante balls, horse races, and mint julep and bourbon swilling South.

One of my acquaintances from high school posted this link about keeping chivalry alive on her Facebook, and it's been hovering at the top of my feed for several days as people like/comment. Each time, this induces an eyeroll of epic proportions from me.

And lo! Today, I notice this interchange. Please note the comment in red and the subsequent whooshing noise as the point flies right past acquaintance's head.


Transcript for those who can't read the original image:

Acquaintance: I can proudly say that my husband did all of these things while we were dating and has continued to do them in marriage!!! #southerngentleman


Rando #1: Amen, amen! More mamas need to teach this to their sons.

Rando #2: I could tell when I met him...at that bar, on the beach, drinking what number bloody mary?


Stranger of epic sarcasm (Whose name is Jason, forgot to edit that, whoops): OMG I do these every time! But only for trans people not cisgender women because only certain types of people deserve chivalry. At least from me. I'm kind of a big deal.

Acquaintance: Jason you're speaking another language...At least I know where you were raised in your vital years.


And for those who are curious, this is the link from the original person's fb post.

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