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Chiz Plate!

I may have gone a little overboard at the grocery store. But whatever, this will last me a really long time and they’re all small, so I don’t have so much of any one that I’d get bored of it. These are the cheeses I have picked up on my trip today:

  • Fresh Milk Brie
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Jarlsberg
  • Roquefort (Because I needed a blue cheese in there somewhere)
  • Tickler Cheddar (It’s sparkly!)
  • Graskaas (A Dutch cheese made from the first milking of the season)
  • Boschetto al Tartufo (Sheep’s and cow’s milk blended with white truffles)
  • Sticky Toffee Cheese (It’s full of syrup and dates!)

I also picked up a fig and ginger jelly since I already have porter beer jelly at home. Also Ritz crackers because I am a philistine at heart; and because I didn’t want to end up buying a bunch of bread I would never finish. Oh, and a jar of Gedney Norwegian Spicy Dill pickles, because spicy pickles.


Where should I start? Should I follow the natural progression from mild to sharp? Pick cheese at random? I probably won’t eat more than a bite of each, or I might just have a pickle for dinner.

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