We're getting the walls painted. I'm getting life lessons all over the place.

  • "I've been with my girl about 4 years. She better know we ain't getting married, though - you know how women are."
  • "Men are sissies now. They want to blame everything on hazing but frankly, if you can't handle it, you aren't man enough."
  • "You're engaged! Congratulations. Just remember you can't change him." K thanks.
  • "When you start having kids, you'll understand." I am not sure what I'll understand. Other than, maybe, parenthood, haha.
  • "The NFL is getting taken over by liberals." OK.
  • "Is the Blue Dog because of Blue Dog Democrats?" I HAVE NO IDEA.
  • "I'll have to teach YOU how to paint sometime." I'm a painting teacher... but I also know how to paint a wall!