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I see this “inspirational” quote bopping around on Facebook and insta (looking at YOU Cassie Ho!!!!) and it makes me feel unreasonably (or reasonably) angry.

Why? Can someone help me?

Here’s what I think: sometimes, CHOOSING to be happy is simply not that fucking easy. Life circumstances or mental illness impede your choice. I mean sure I can choose to be happy all fucking day but that isn’t gonna do shit for me if I am depressed. Or whatever. I know I’m not explaining myself eloquently, and I know people here def can explain the issue with this so called inspirational quote.


It isn’t that easy folks. Choosing to be happy doesn’t erase fucked up circumstances or mental illness or both. So humph. Don’t tell me to choose to be happy. I hate when people say shit like that. Like at work, people (with more job security and more favored......) might say “you worry too much!!! Stop worrying” and I just wanna omg fucking THANK YOU I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT. WOW YOU FUCKING SOLVED IT, THANKS.

This rant brought to you by a pissed off carbs lover on a Wednesday. Fuck everything. Sorry about the swears.

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