... That you or your s.o. Refuse to do or hate to do?

I HATE bringing in the trash barrel and recycling bin. Hear me out. Our garage isn’t attached and is in the back yard so I have to drag them back there and then unlock the door and THEN I can go inside after work. Terrible, I know.

Me AND mr carbs basically refuse to make ice cubes. We both passive aggressively just take out the individual ice cubes we need for a drink and put the tray back in with some spots empty. This continues until there is no ice.

Mr Carbs gets the bathroom sink all freakin wet (why? How? This doesn’t happen when I use it.... Is he having secret solo water fights ??) and never wipes it up. Then I go to wash my hands and get weird water all over my shirt. Humph.

So.... What silly little things do you hate to do around the house?