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Chris Hadfield Heckled a Screening of Gravity

Awesome human being Chris Hadfield was kicked out of a movie theater on Monday night.

He was heckling the movie Gravity spectacularly. On the one hand, talking during the movie. On the other, Chris Hadfield. He's an astronaut. He's probably got a bit more to say on the subject of space.


Comments include:

"Oh yeah, because that's what hypoxia as caused by rapid cabin decompression looks like you idiots!"


"Have you been to space? Because I've been to space!"


"Nice Soyez procedure, Hollywood!"

Side note: I had to Google what that was, just to understand his heckling.

During one tense scene where Sandra Bullock stood on the brink of life or death, he loudly farted a perfect extended note for the theater to hear.


I think I love him.

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