about that shooting in Co. And the Alex Jones types are out in full force. And I tried to respond. I need the solace of posting this where intelligent people will read it. TW school shootings, SSRIs

To those blaming "big pharma," I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that logic isn't your strong suit, but you are confusing cause and effect here. The reason that all of these people were on these kinds of drugs is that they had pre-existing mental problems. There are many, many people who take SSRIs, myself included, who are not violent. We could probably also say that all of these people ate meat: maybe that caused the shootings. Unfortunately, many people don't respond well to that kind of treatment, and they lack the family and/or psychiatric support that they need. I agree that psychotropics are over-prescribed, and many people who are on them aren't monitored the way that they should be. The biggest problem with this class of drugs is that they activate the person. In some cases, this activation causes people to act on impulses that they wouldn't otherwise act on. Add to that the fact that people in this country have relatively easy access to tools for killing many people in a short amount of time, and you've got some problems. Oh, and for those who think these are false flags by gun control proponents: the group that has benefitted the most from these shootings is the NRA. I'M JUST SAYIN do I need to draw a map?