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Christie Blatchford Can Go Fuck Herself

Comparing Omar Khadr to Jian Ghomeshi is beyond offensive.

Christie Blatchford is a Canadian journalist who wrote a piece in the National Post about how we’re just SO UNFAIR towards guys like Jian Ghomeshi who were acquitted of any wrongdoing and expect them to live in exile when we award people like Omar Khadr a 10 million dollar settlement for their treatment and an apology from the Canadian Government.

*Record Scratch*

For those of you who don’t know about Jian Ghomeshi - he was the host of the show “Q” on CBC radio. It was the most popular show (and still is one of the most popular) on CBC radio for several years. It kinda rejuvenated the CBC a bit and breathed fresh air into the whole of the programming. Ghomeshi was the “star” and treated as such. He’s been accused by several women of physically beating them when they went to his apartment on dates/encounters. It broke back in 2014 in the Toronto Star, he was fired from the CBC shortly before the story broke. It turned out that he has also been harassing and terrorizing his staff at the CBC during his whole tenure there. The CBC did an internal investigation after his firing because they failed to protect their staff against him even though there were formal complaints made to HR.


For those of you who don’t know about Omar Khadr - Omar Khadr was a 15 year old child soldier who had been indoctrinated his whole childhood. He threw a grenade during a firefight in Afghanistan which resulted in killing one soldier and blinding another. He was subsequently detained and tortured in Guantanamo for 10 YEARS from 16 to 26 when he was transferred back to Canada.

So the comparison What. The. Ever. Loving. Fuck. Let’s put aside the allegations towards Ghomeshi in terms of his personal relationships (even though I personally believe the women that he sexually and physically assaulted them). There is ample evidence, documentation and witnesses as to how he terrorized and sexually harassed staff at his workplace. In fact, he DID admit guilt for the one charge of sexual assault that was from his colleague at the CBC. He and his lawyer knew he would lose because the woman in question had made several reports to her higher ups and HR at the CBC, so it was well documented. He publicly apologized to her and signed a peace bond. The dude was making bank as the star of the CBC. He’s a rich dude who lost his job FOR BREAKING THE LAW. This fact is enough for him NEVER to have a job in media again. He hasn’t show any contrition. That barf-full essay he wrote is just him feeling sorry for himself that no one pays attention to him. Boo-hoo. Seriously, there is nothing stopping him from, I dunno, investing in real estate and making money that way for the rest of his life. YOU HAVE OPTIONS, GET THE FUCK OUT. You’ve lived a comfortable life even in your “exile” - people don’t know who you are outside of Canada, so he could go on to live a normal, but anonymous, life. But he doesn’t want that. Well, tough titties asshole, you made your bed and now you have to live the consequences

As for Khadr, HE WAS A CHILD SOLDIER! HE WAS TORTURED FOR 10 YEARS AND KEPT IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT! We extend compassion to child soldiers for the very reason that THEY WERE CHILDREN. Khadr suffered horribly for a decade and will never be able to live a normal life because of his notoriety. So yes, the government needs to accomodate him BECAUSE HE WAS A CHILD SOLDIER WHO WAS SUBSEQUENTLY TORTURED. I JUST WANT TO KEEP YELLING!!! THE TWO SITUATIONS ARE NOTHING ALIKE.

Then she goes on to make some assertions about the Ford accusation towards Kavanaugh and then my mind exploded all over the computer.

I won’t post her article, because fuck that. But here’s a good one dismantling the Jian Ghomeshi essay:


And here is the statement from his colleague at the CBC that he sexually assaulted:


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