I'm not really ready to talk about everything dealing with Xmas #2 with my husbands family so I'm skipping it for now and talking about Baby Haa's 3rd Xmas. Today we drove the hour and a half to my hometown to my g'ma's house. My mom, stepdad, and my hungover brother all were there. It was really nice and low key. Baby Haa got ridiculously spoiled with clothes and toys. She was adorable and sweet the whole time. Although there was a blow out incident with poop coming out up the front of her diaper and a leg. Not pleasant. But we got thru it. I got a few really nice gifts as well. Including Naked 2 (I'm behind and I don't do makeup so this is kind of a big deal) which I'm excited to play around with. I told everyone I accepted the job offer. They were super proud and happy for me. My g'ma always tells me I'm her favorite and maybe she tells my cousin this too but I don't know I believe her when she says it. Anyways I'll leave you with this amazing photo of one of my 1st Xmas outfits. The year was '88 and I was 19 months. My mom found some of my old baby clothes. I can't wait to put baby Haa in this. evil grin