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Christmas and Dramatic Facebook Statuses

My family is far from drama-free but I've always been grateful that we keep it off teh internets (for the most part). I know that holidays, like weddings and funerals, can bring out the best and worst in people.

I've got a facebook 'friend' who I can't unfriend and I swear she drives me nuts. She's always popping up in my feed and I'm hiding her now. (I typo-ed that as pooping up, which would also be accurate). Fucking tweety-bird sparkly photos and 'share this if you're against cancer' crap.

I get that being a step-mother kind of sucks in a lot of ways. You get some of the crap to carry from the first marriage and none of the glory. I still think it's tacky and rude to call the kids' mom "biomom" or "birth mother". She's still their mom and when you're friends with the kids on facebook it's just plain hurtful. I hate when she posts shit about 'breeders', 'moo cows' and how 'kids destroy an adult's brain'. I wish she'd keep that to a childfree forum where her stepkids and the rest of the world didn't have to read about it.

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