I'm planning out my Christmas baking this afternoon, and I thought I'd share my favourite recipes for Christmas cookies. Please enjoy the deliciousness in exchange for your favourite recipes as well:

Soft Gingersnap Cookies

Amaretti Cookies (particularly good if you're baking for gluten free or dairy free people)

Jamie Oliver's Shortbread (Which I first wrote as shartbread and I'm still laughing about it)

Cream Cheese Cookies (my mom has been making these for years, and her mom before that. They're freaking delicious)


I tried making fudge last year but it was a complete disaster. Someone gave me a cookie press as a gift, so I might try that out even though my mom spent hours every Christmas cursing the damn things.

(gif is from Love Actually, which I always watch when baking. On repeat. Alternating with The Holiday because I am a cliche)