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Christmas Eve at my FiL's, continued

So earlier I wrote about how we arrived at my FiL’s for Christmas Eve to find him cleaning the fridge:

So here is how the evening continued:

Eventually, my FiL started pan frying his mass of stuck together pierogi. At least that is what I think he was trying to do. I came back from the bathroom to find he had put a lid on top of the fry pan with the pierogi in it. If you put a lid on a fry pan, you’re no longer frying, you are steaming. I took it off. Later I had to rescue the pierogi again, and flip them. I swear he harbours some secret resentment towards pierogi, as every year he seems to try to ruin them. You’d think a Polish man in his 60’s, who has been divorced for 20 years would have the hang of frozen pierogi by now, but apparently not. I am sure that throughout Poland, Babcias were sensing the abuse the poor pierogi were undergoing in that kitchen tonight, and crossing themselves.


Another one of his contributions was fish in a tomato and zucchini sauce. He managed to burn the bottom of the sauce, though the rest of it was ok.

While we were cooking, my FiL’s friend who lives down the street turned up. This friend is a know-it-all trucker in his 50’s who basically lived in his parents’s basement until they died and then moved upstairs. He’s a hoarder and a Reform Party style Conservative, who does things like complain about his tax dollars being used to install machines into city buses to announce stops for the blind. The other thing he likes to complain about? The fact that he can’t get a girlfriend. Gee, I don’t know what could possibly be repelling women.

Other than the complaining about his lack of a girlfriend, my FiL’s friend was on fairly good behaviour, though he had to shoehorn random jokes about our new Prime Minister into the conversation. Oh yes, and random comments about Muslims being backwards. Though when he started that my FiL said “No politics” and shut him down.

The real interesting stuff happened after the friend left. Apparently my FiL has not talked to my MiL in over a month. I don’t know exactly what happened, but apparently she yelled at him over the phone. My FiL says he made a joke about Mr. Ivriniel and alcohol to her and that she “got hysterical” and was “blubbering” and “wouldn’t let him get a word in edgewise”.


He concluded the story with “She still harbours resentments against me. There’s nothing I can do about that.”

Nothing? Really? Maybe don’t call her hysterical when she is upset for starters...


My FiL and MiL have been divorced 20 years, because he treated her like crap. Everything from mocking her mother’s Roma ancestors and calling them the “lowest of the low”, to literally throwing dinner plates full of food on the floor if he didn’t like something. When they split, he and his mother destroyed the roses bushes his exwife had planted in the backyard, and he himself took his ex wife’s treadle powered Singer sewing machine that had belonged to her mother, to the dump. This even after Mr. I had talked to a local shop teacher, who said he would take it as a mechanism for his students to study.

He has never apologized for his behaviour and has spent years trying to charm her back, though she is having none of it. Everytime they have a fight, he moans to Mr I and I that he can’t get any news of his granddaughters because his ex wife isn’t speaking to him. Never mind that his daughter has told him that if he wants to take the girls somewhere all he has to do is ask. If he takes the girls without his ex wife, then he can’t use the time to try and charm her.


So now it seems that Mr I is the only person in his immediate family to be on speaking terms with his Dad.

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