Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Well the first oops. I am suppose to wear my super çomfy old çracked white shoes only when walking bf and gf especially on rainy muddy days like today. So we we're going shopping then to a nice Chinese restaurant well guess what shoes I wore. I took out by and gf before we left so I wore my junky shoes and guess what I forgot to do after, yes change my shoes to better ones. Now guess who cared? If you said me well you are wrong. My mother thankfully she did not notice until we got home.

What is wrong with Market Basket? Every Christmas Eve there is a row of Christmas samples. Today zero. Actually for the past month they rarely have bakery samples, they used to always have samples.

Now the Chinese restaurant. Really good we had shrimp lomein and mooshi shrimp. Am I the only one who despises the free tea? I have never had good free hot tea yet every place serves it. We got for free a nice bowl of crispy chips with duck sauce and mustard sauce. Does anyone know what this mustard sauce is? Its good for tiny dabs on the chips mixed with duck sauce. I assume this mustard sauce is not home made. I am not a mustard fan, Hickory Farms is the best and this is second. Is this mustard sauce available at grocery stores or just for restaurants.


Hope you all had a good Christmas Eve.

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