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Christmas Eve Work Rant

I actually love working Christmas Eve. The trains are empty, people are generally pleasant, and NOBODY CALLS IN. THIS IS A SOCIAL CONTRACT PEOPLE.

But noooooooo. Today everybody's got a fucking problem and this guy's the one who has to deal with it. People, be with your families. Don't squabble for an extra $20 off your order.


On top of that, my co-workers both decided to take time off this week without really telling anybody. Our boss quit sometime around the Summer and they haven't really gotten around yet to hiring a new person, so her next in line has been saddled with a ton of extra work with no title or promotion. So it's not her fault that things are slipping between the cracks, but do I really have to be the only one here over Christmas Eve *and* Boxing Day? Come the fuck on. Somebody could've said NO and NOT approved those late time off requests.

But on top of THAT, what do my lovely co-workers do? Do they, say, help me out by finishing all of their work before their vacations?

Of course not. Three hours before he left for the night, my mansplaining co-worker decided to just leave a bunch of work he *must* finish within the hour (according to team rules), and sent me a "Aw gosh, I just didn't do it!" e-mail.

I've notified my kind-of-boss, but she's too busy to really give a fuck and I have to do it anyway.


So I'm already doing the work of three people, and he decides to add yesterday's work on top of that?

Plus my very lovely friend co-worker has a bunch of Stage 5 Clingers she's been battling with for months and because they are Stage 5'ers, she couldn't just leave them, so now I'm the one answering e-mails every hour on the hour (lest I get a "HELLO? DID YOU GET MY E-MAIL?!?!?!?!" follow-up e-mail).



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