So, before we moved we had all of our Christmas gifts set. But now that we are here, I am getting stressed out. My husband's side of the family is very competitive with gifts. Even though they give crap gifts to my husband and I. They expect very nice ones in return. I made tea towels and mug rugs and cloth pouches for every female in his family. I also purchased make your own organic cleaning product kits for 5 bucks on super clearance at Joanns for them. My MIL has been vicious to me since I got here.. should I just give her the homemade gifts and be done with it? And save the cleaning product kits for a different person/birthday gift?

We have spent so much in gifts for them and I think at this point it is really too much since they don't really recipercate or seem to appreciate our thoughtfulness.

Also, I got a small Christmas gift for the nephews. Should I pick something else up? Their parents are on the verge of bankruptcy and the kids just aren't going to get stuff at home. I literally bought them a toy from the dollar store and a book. Is that enough?