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Christmas in Florida is Strange

So we made it. Traffic meant that instead of a couple of easy trips, we had a couple of death march days. But they were at least pretty death marches:

South Carolina, some time Friday evening.


Georgia, some time a little later.

The Great (in all possible senses) Pirate, Saturday.


Desert after lunch today.

It’s been a little stressful. The house we’re all staying in is a bit strange, and all of the beds are equipped with air mattresses for some reason, so sleep is elusive.


Twelve of us went to see the new Star Wars movie last night in Imax format, and that was a lot of fun; I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the original series, and this one sort of revived that enjoyment in a way that the last film, and certainly the prequels, hadn’t.

We are now preparing a total gastric assault for tonight, and tomorrow an unconscionable number of packages will be shredded at my brother’s house.


But it’s awfully warm, and seeing inflatable Santas set up in green yards under Spanish Moss is weird. Next time we do this, maybe we’ll stage it in the NE.

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