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Christmas is Killing Me...how about you?

I grew up in a non-religious Jewish home, and we had a Christmas tree every year. For me, it was all about the goodies under the tree, and the more stuff ON the tree, the better. My favorite thing on the tree was a bubble light.

Years passed. I became a Christian (for almost all the wrong reasons). But I gained a kind of reverence for Christmas that’s never left me. It stopped being about the stuff, and I found that my preferred tree was decorated with little more than a few white lights. I know there’s nothing particularly Christmas-y about trees, but hey.

At some point after I met Spouse (or more like after we had kids) the trees started to get out of control. Currently, we have an 8’ artificial tree like to collapse under the weight of its décor.


And that’s just the tree. We also have three nativities at last count, banners, bunting, ETCETERA. Nutcrackers. Advent calendars. You name it, we got it, and likely more than one.

The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas CD will be playing through 1/1/17.

I’m no longer especially religious in any fashion, but this all feels SO WRONG!! Am I being unreasonable? Mean-spirited toward Spouse and Child? Scrooge-ish?

Actual tree:



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