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Welcome To The Bitchery

My mom is hosting a Christmas party on Christmas night. Out of our family-friends group, she has been the one to host for the past 2 years. Except this year, she decides to go from a guest list of 30-40 people to 60+. UGH. We don't live in a ginormous house. How the fuck are we supposed to fit everyone? Also, why so many people? Where will they park?! Also, I don't want to see 90% of these people. Oh my God, I hate shit like this. For instance, I have to pretend to give a shit about people who I grew up with but really never liked.

I guess this would be more understandable if you understood Iranian-American communities and how we behave in social settings. People always showing off, hosts going to extremes to please guests (my mom is so annoying when preparing for parties like this—she gets so nitpicky and yells at us for not helping her, but when we offer, she takes over anyway!), everyone trying to impress everyone else, etc.


ETA: Just to give you the dynamics of our community here, last year for Thanksgiving, I was explaining to my parents' friend that I was going to live at home for a year after I graduated college so that I could save money and work a little. He asked me why I didn't do an internship in Europe or travel around. His daughter, who is my age, is always traveling and the sort. Uh, I'm sorry, not everyone (scratch that, not everyone's PARENTS is more like it) has that kind of money to be able to have experiences like that.

My mom lives for parties, gatherings, and her friends. I'm happy that this makes her happy. But I think I can complain here about how little I'm looking forward to this.

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