My normally frugal attitude towards paying excessive amounts for shipping in combination with my desire for clothes with a reasonable amount of pocket space is undoing me.

I think I need to find BiL a completely different present all together, because if I buy him what I was planning, I will either spend nearly as much again on shipping or buy myself an awome trench coat with pockets! that I can't afford in order to qualify for free international express shipping.

I want that trench coat. But, even if I had the money in the bank I'd hesitate to spend $150 on something I haven't tried on when returning it would involve international shipping, even if it does have a pockets situation I covet.

Okay, I probably could use money I've got squirrelled away. I'm really bad at treating myself, because years of being a grad student means I'm used to really not being able to afford treating myself. (Also, I just treated myself to a pretty wool scarf today when buying presents for other people. It was really good value and I would have been silly to pass it up at that price, but I'd feel less guilty at the thought of buying something for myself if I hadn't already bought something for myself.)

Splurge or be sensible? Convince me!