Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, last week, I posted about how the Annoying Inlaws were hosting Christmas and picked a date that inconvenient for everyone else. They picked Friday, Dec 23. Both myself and my other sister in law work that day, and Mr I and I live an hour away from everyone at the best of times. The busiest travel day of the year is not going to be the best of times.

Well anyway, I had contacted my other sister in law asking what she thought about it. If I was going to be the only one who was really unhappy I was prepared to suck it up. My OSiL didn’t get back to me, but my MiL decided to say something to the Annoying Inlaws about changing the date. The first week of January, ABiL, OSiL and I are not working, so my MiL suggested that would work better.


ASiL refused, saying everyone had agreed to the date, so it was too late to change it, and said she would only host if it was on Dec 23.

So now Christmas will be at my MiL’s sometime during the first week of Jan.

I am shocked, shocked I say, that ASiL found a way to weasel out of hosting.

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