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Christmas shopping open thread!

Hey all! I LOVE GIFT-GIVING, though not particularly Christmas, as it is a religious holiday. BUT I thought I would share with everyone some things I picked up that will have widespread appeal. Most of these are for girls and I apologize for the lack of variety!

For the only somewhat girly-girl: Orla Kiely Wash Bag Set with hand lotion, body lotion and shower gel. A similar bag in yellow available too, minus the hand lotion. I love her designs/bags. There are also lower-cost options for beauty products that come on their own or from our beloved Target!


I found a great-looking T-shirt for the dude on Amazon for a kickass price (it depends on which color your buy). It's the gift that says "I know you're going to wear a damn T-shirt all the time, but I at least want it to look classy, OK?" I bought this long-sleeved shirt for his dad, who is retired and spends lots of time gardening/lounging. I think it would work for any casual dude.

My sister loves absolutely everything I get for her from Bobi, and I found some amazing deals on Amazon. You can search the web but stay away from boutiques selling this brand, as they'll mark them up like crazy!


My niece is getting a Janod confetti xylophone! You won't believe this, but it's $6 less on J. Crew than on Amazon, so I would go with shopping here.


For the men in your life who travel - my brother-in-law is one - I don't think you can go wrong with a nice dopp kit. I bought one from Fossil for a boyfriend back in the day, but they're a little pricey, and J. Crew has a nice option that my brother-in-law will get this year because my ability to manage money has improved.


My book suggestion this year is Andrea Camilleri's wonderful mystery series that takes place in a fictional town on the island of Sicily. I'm starting off my mother-in-law with the first three and we'll see how it goes.


Last but DEFINITELY not least, and I know there's a lot of J. Crew on here but they run 30% off codes pretty much constantly, the most comfortable pajama fabric of all fucking time.

What have y'all chosen for your lovebugs, Groupthinkers? I am still working on a present for my brother-in-law-to-be, and the Backtalkers are helping out with gaming suggestions. It is possible, however, at the suggestion of his own mother, that he'll be getting alcohol to put in his gourmet coffee.




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