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Christmas Story

This happened back on Christmas, but it still gives me that nice ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling.

I’ve mentioned in here a few times that I sew. This year, money’s been especially tight for me, so I decided to mostly skip buying gifts for people and instead sew small bags and other things for them. So I pulled out some of my favorite fun and/or geeky fabrics and got to work. I made a couple tablet holders (I found an awesome tutorial here for them!), a dice bag for a friend who does tabletop RP’ing and just got some new dice, and a few vinyl-front pouches.

So Christmas came around, and I was able to spend time with these friends. After grabbing some dinner, I passed everyone’s gifts out to them and waited a bit anxiously. I’ve always been my own worst critic when it comes to my sewing, and I worried a bit that they wouldn’t like them, or they might point out flaws...anything that would sting a bit, y’know?


But nothing could have been farther from that. Everyone loved their gifts. I got a hug from my friends’ 10 year old son for his Zelda-themed tablet case, got a hug from my friend for her Doctor Who themed one, and got tons of compliments on my sewing. One friend (who knows I sew quite a bit) was chatting up my sewing, talking about how I’ll be in the art show at S.D. Comic-Con this year and how I sell at conventions...just generally sounding proud of the work I do.

It’s such a big shot in the arm for my confidence when I hear things like that. When I sell my stuff, I always get lots of compliments on it, sure. But hearing people close to me tell me how awesome the things I made are (my friends’ daughter squeed over the cat and mouse themed pouch I made her), it just boosts me that much more. I already have a bunch of pieces cut out and ready to be sewn since I took a couple days’ break for Christmas.

So, what can I make next, I wonder? ;)

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