I realize most of the people here are gearing up for Thanksgiving. From the moving picture box I've gathered this time has something to do with turkeys and people celebrating the genocide of most of a people. I'll admit, I don't quite understand it, but then again we have 'black' piets so who am I to judge. On to the point of this post!

This friday my 3 girlfriends are coming over and we are celebrating christmas! One of them is leaving for a 2 and a half month trip at the first of december so we decided to throw christmas early. I bought some decorations (candle-sticks, a glittery candle, a tablecloth, a runner. No.. I didn't own these things before..), nothing too fancy but it'll do. (if you have any suggestions on how I can make/spruce the table up on the fly, the colors are currently red, gold and white and no I have idea how to make my super boring white round dishes more interesting!)

I'm stuck with the main course (friends are doing appetizers, starter and dessert) and I need ideas. I work friday so I won't have a lot of prep time or anything. I thought about using deer or rabbit in my dish since the store offers it the next week or so, but it's pretty expensive and I'm not an expert cook. My question to you :

What in the blazes do I cook that will both wow my friends and be delicious?? I was thinking some sort of meat (the store has deer, rabbit, duck besides the regular meats right now, but they are expensive) with some sort of sauce and some sort of side (a mash of some sort? I don't know) but I have no idea what exactly! Hulp!

What would you make if you weren't much of a chef but wanted to make a fancy dinner anyway?? I will be forever in your debt!

(last years I've made a risotto, a soup, we've had gnocchi, I made deer once before for new-years aaand that's it.)

I offer you payment in eating animal gifs!



Please save us from being the turtle.