My human and I are going to Michigan in 5 days for the holidays! I'm super excited/nervous to see my family.

*I have to be honest, I read over this before I posted it, and it kind of turns into a rant.*

I haven't been back since 4th of July and I miss my Dad and my little cousin, heck even my mother terribly. Per my request, my grandparents are having Christmas morning breakfast instead of a big dinner with the entire family. We all agreed we don't want my mom's brother and sister there, so we kind of said we weren't doing much since Grams has to work 2nd shift anyway. On the menu is: Buttermilk bacon waffles, my grandpa's famous fried corn mush (SO GOOD) and fried spam! I'm dying I'm so excited you guise.

But I do not, do not want to see my Aunt. I started having a panic attack last night just thinking about her showing up while I'm stuffing my face with bacon waffles. I wish I could have one visit home without her calling me fat and telling me how much weight I've gained. Oh and stealing my Christmas presents and other things. I have to keep my suitcase in my locked car when she's around. It's ridiculous.


Then human person and I have to do his families stuff. Which is pretty 50/50. His grandma is a TOTAL nut. She says the most off the wall condescending things to me, and I basically have to sit there and take it. You guise, I can't even tag me and human at nice restaurants when we go on dates because she goes off about how I spend all of his money. Which is fucking hilarious because 9/10 times fancy restaurants are my idea and I pick up the tab because it's one of those things that makes me feel empowered. And honestly, I pay for most of our expenses in general. He pays rent, and I pick up on everything else. Except for car stuff, usually he likes to pay for that. Which is totally okay, and this setup has been working for us since we both started at our current jobs. Whatever, the point is, she tells everybody on her side of the family I financially abuse the human, and that shit is not true.


And then there's is his Dad's side of the family, who I used to dislike but his Dad has been kind of awesome to us the past year, so get togethers aren't as bad. Plus he is the kind of person who gets gift cards for Christmas, and let's be honest, I don't hate that! So that shouldn't be too awful.

Butttt, I have snow dicks/sledding to look forward to! Plus me, my mom and cousin are going to the bridal store to start looking at dresses :D


It's going to be a fun/exhausting week.

What are your plans for the holiday? TELL ME!