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Happily my fears about family Christmas yesterday did not materialize. The Annoying Inlaws were on mostly good behaviour, possibly because it was at OSiL's house and one of OSiL's daughters had a friend over. Also, the niece was back from staying with ASiL's family.

The Annoying Inlaws did end up contributing to the dinner, in the form of green beans. Beans that they apparently were unable to cook or even prep before they got to OSiL's house, despite the fact neither one of them was working yesterday. They actually stood around in the kitchen cutting the ends off of green beans with two pairs of kitchen shears they brought for the purpose. Is this a thing? I've only ever snapped the ends off of beans with my fingers...

Now when I say "good behaviour" I don't necessarily mean polite. Apparently it is now a thing for two grown adults to come to a family gathering, pull out tablets and start doing stuff, while they hand over Mommy's phone to their toddler to play an age inappropriate game that requires her to read.


Speaking of age inappropriate, they gave our 14 year old niece a (secondhand copy) of the movie "The Backup Plan" staring Jennifer Lopez. Because nothing says 14 year old girl like a RomCom about a woman who can't find the man of her dreams and decides to go in for artificial insemination, only to meet a guy just after the procedure. Beyond that, the movie got 18% on the Tomato Meter. If you're going to get your niece a RomCom, maybe get one that sucks less?

Let's see, what else. Apparently giving people coffee that is past the best before date that has the best before date prominently stamped on it is also a thing. They gave it to OBiL, Mr. Ivriniel, and on a separate occasion, my FiL's girlfriend. Also chocolate that they brought back from their trip to Norway in 2013.

We also get the feeling that all may not be well with ABiL's job. He does homecare, and the last time he worked was Christmas Eve, when he had hardly any clients. Admittedly they were away for a few days in there, but OSiL knows people who work in Homecare, and everyone else seems to be swamped. The last time ABiL worked homecare he was fired, but not before they first cut his hours way back... We figure they were trying to get him to quit so they wouldn't have to go through the trouble.

ABiL also had to complain about my FIL. ABiL is storing a buttload of stuff at my FiL's house. He basically has a whole room in the basement. My FiL had this butcher block table in the basement that was left over from when he renovated his kitchen. FiL gave it away to someone. ABiL got mad, insisting that his Dad had promised it to him, though my FiL has no memory of that. ABiL has no room for it in his current home, but angrily told anyone who would listen that they had plans for that table for when they buy a new house. Um, dude, both you and your wife are working part time. You aren't getting a new house any time soon. And when you do get a new house, you don't know if you will even have space for it. Your Dad is supposed to clutter up his house for years on end with anything you might want, for when you buy this new house you have been talking about buying for 4 years, and the closest you have gotten was mortgage preapproval, after which you promptly lost your job?


He's at least a year off of trying for mortgage preapproval again, because banks generally don't like to give mortgages to people who get fired and then are unemployed for six months.

Ah well, at least they didn't start drama with the people who were present this evening.

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