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Christmas without Amazon?


I’d like you all to check out this article and, if you can, order things from somewhere other than Amazon this December.


I’ve mentioned on here that Mexador works in one of the warehouses. I’m straight up not seeing him this December because they’re working mandatory 6-day weeks all the way through. That’s 60 hours a week and yes they get overtime, but I think many employees would prefer a weekend. You’re not allowed to take vacation time from Thanksgiving to Christmas, so hope you’ve saved some of your unpaid time off. Or if there’s not enough orders/too many people and you’re standing around with nothing to do, you might get voluntary time off. Though they are, of course, discouraging managers from doing that.

Mexador has a bad wrist and thank goodness he works nights because his only day off is Sunday so how on Earth could he see a doctor? His literal only option is to go to the doctor when he should be sleeping and then sleep in his car after work gets out so he doesn’t fall asleep while driving. And chances are his wrist will still get worse because he used to have 3 days to rest it. Now he gets one. Not to mention his feet, from walking miles a day inside these ginormous buildings.


You live and die by your rate. Mexador has to pick I think 300 items an hour to not get fired? And sure they’ll make accommodations for new mothers to pump, but if you’re always running to the bathroom, your rate is going to be terrible and you can get fired. Mexador’s strategy is to work as hard as he can when he’s fresh in the beginning of his 10 hour day so he has a safety cushion when he’s flagging towards the end of shift. Or if he needs the bathroom between break times.


After hearing his stories, I believe every word of this article is true and experienced by Amazon workers all across the country.


That being said, I’ll never judge people for using Amazon. I do, because I find the cheapest options there and everything gets to me quickly. Mexador does, because do you think he has any time to go to a store? And if you’re wondering, yes, he has actually handled his own order before.

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