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Christopher Hitchen's Article on Mother Theresa

This Sunday the Pope is going to Canonize Mother Theresa. Christopher Hitchens had spend much time and effort along with others exposing who she really was. Clearly not a saint.

Here is an article by him that sums up why she has no business being a Saint.


I find it revolting. If a person gets comfort believing in the myth of Mother Theresa. Its their right. An organization promoting the myth for their own ends? An organization not just promoting but turnung her into a Saint for their own ends? No and no.

I do not doubt for a minute Pope Francis and others know the truth about her and in many ways probably concur with Hitchens. But they would rather use the ignorant who believe this myth for financial gain.

The damned are not saints. For exploiting the poor makes her damned. For exploiting good people financially believing she was doing good work nakes her damned.

I miss Christopher Hitchens he was the reason to buy Vanity Fair.

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