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Chronic Pain Open Thread: Fusion Surgery Help Needed, Bad Disks, Bad Knees, Fibromyalgia and Other

GT is a great place for all of the discussions that no-one in our “other” lives wants to listen to, or that we aren’t willing to share. Pain discussions are the physical version of the anxiety, stress, and dating-lives discussions that help so many here.

There are quite a few of us here with chronic pain. We have had discussions in the background among ourselves over the past couple of years. We have also talked about the need for a sub-forum or open thread to pull us together a bit more.


Feel free to jump in and share whatever you would like about your own physical struggles. I won’t plan on “poofing” this thread unless it is requested; otherwise I will be happy to delete it in a day or two. Please let me know your preference.


GroupThink used to have the GroupThink Emergency Fund, which has helped many good people here through hard times. We don’t have the official fund any more, but we still try to support our friends here who are in need.


EveryTimeIGetFollowedByGroupthinkILoseMyBurnerKey let us know on Thursday that she is having major surgery tomorrow, August 1st. She is having a 3-Level Lumbar Spinal Fusion. The surgery will require many months of managed recovery.

She has had to raise quite a bit of money to fill in insurance shortfalls & gaps just to be allowed to have surgery. She is still struggling to get the funds together to pay for it all.


She has a You Caring donation site here if you feel you are able to help with any small donation:

Donation Link

She shared more of the details in this thread on Thursday:

Thursday Open Thread

She really appreciates the support she has already received from GT.

Even if you aren’t in a position to help out, she would love to be able to chat with everyone here once she is back online in a week. She has a long, boring 2 months off ahead of her, with only very limited physical activity allowed. The computer will be her primary link with the outside world.



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