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I don’t know if there’s an Open Thread, so here are my rambling thoughts while watching HP: Chamber of Secrets. Again. (It’s a HP weekend on ABC Family or something.)

1. Jockey Skimmies: Do you get chub rub? For a long time I wore bike shorts under skirts and dresses, or shorts. They felt bulky and sweaty. These are a miracle. They don’t ride up. They don’t roll down. They don’t pill. They come in fun colors so if people do catch a glimpse of them, it’s like.. fashiony. They are pricey, but I’ve gotten them on sale at Macy’s. I wear a size 22/24 and the XXL fit me fine.

2. Thin Hair. I have very thin, very curly hair. Thinning hair. I use the Joan Rivers “Great Hair Day” fill-in powder mostly. I used to use Lush’s Big Tease, which smelled nice and was light enough so that my hair had some volume but didn’t dry all spikey, which made the thinning look worse. Of COURSE, Lush ended it, and its replacements are really heavy. I tried Ouidad’s gel, but it doesn’t do much in the way of hold and then everything just falls flat.


3. One-way friends. Is this a thing now? I have a number of friends/family members who seem to believe that roads only work one way. They don’t want to meet unless it’s at their house or by their house. This seems to happen whether it’s small distances or long distances. This has happened several times this week. If I won’t go to them, then it doesn’t happen. This makes me sad.

4. Have you all seen Tig Notaro’s documentary on Netflix? It is fantastically sad and straight-forward. None of the “warrior” bullshit bullshit. Any other documentaries you would recommend?

Feel free to ramble on back.

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