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Church boots Godless Girl Guides

Any British GTers out there? There is a Telegraph piece about a church in Middlesex that will not allow the Girl Guides to meet there after the announcement in June they have dropped God and Country from the Girl Guide pledge:


Rev Williamson, a former Scout leader, warned that most Guide groups did not have the funds or the ability to run their own buildings and that local schools or councils would charge far more for the hire of their facilities.

“It seems to me the Girl Guides are being doctrinaire, feminist and anti-church,” he said. “How can they expect, as a reputable charity organisation, to go on using church premises whilst telling young girls that that cannot promise their duty to God?”


The church representatives holding this position keep going on about how they let the Guides in for free. My question is whether churches in the UK give space to non-Christian groups? For example, in the US, churches allow Weight Watchers, craft groups, charities and community groups to meet in their space because they get their tax exemption, not just because of church/state separation, but because churches provide other community services-which they show in part by hosting these benign secular entities.

I guess I'm basically asking just how hypocritical this minister's stance is.

(My apologies if a GT-er or one of the various "—talkers" also posted on this. I used the sucky Jezebel search engine and google, and couldn't find it.)

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