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CIDER recommendation post (no beer - unless it tastes as sweet!)

(Because everyone is talking about beer on IRC and I haz a sad.) What's your favorite cider and how does it compare to mine, in terms of taste?

I am a fan of Woodchuck Amber, mostly because it was the first cider I tried and is the one I am prepared to buy for myself. Woodchuck describes it as "sweet (but not too sweet) with a nice golden color and crisp finish." I've also had cider that I like at a local pub(?), but I think it was a house brew.


The only other cider which I've drunk regularly is Blackthorn Cider, which is certainly less sweet. I'm pretty sure I had Angry Orchard once, but I don't remember it.

ETA: To give you an idea of my taste, I like alcohol with my sugar. But go ahead with recommending the dry stuff if that's what you like - a comprehensive cider list is useful all around.

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