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I think I’m going a little crazy because I keep seeing this story passed around as evidence of how messed up laws allowing trans people to use the facilities of the gender they identify as, but it seems to me like it actually worked perfectly?

Long story short, some asshat cis guy decided to march into a women’s locker room at a community pool and start undressing. The women using it complained; the staff ascertained that he did not, in fact, really identify as a woman; they made him move to a unisex family changing room.


Like, doesn’t this actually help prove that this law doesn’t provide carte blanche to sexual offenders? He obviously was not really a trans woman, so he was kicked the hell out for not being a woman. That seems like it should be reassuring to all those people who assume that the only reason we aren’t seeing mass sexual assault in public restrooms is because of the little triangle-shaped figure on the door and the social norms surrounding it.

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