Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Today I'm going to go look at bikes. I may just buy a (hopefully) inexpensive one, because I think I'm ready to try out biking on city streets. My only concerns are: safety and getting the right bike for me. I intend, at least at first, to stick to bike lane roads. I will wear a helmet, obey all the traffic rules and keep the speed at a reasonable pace (so to have better control of the bike and avoid bad collisions and whatnot). But the other thing is that I need a good bike for me. I'm a bigger lady and I want to get something that's comfortable. I've been reading some blogs about big lady bike riders and they don't suggest to get any kind of certain bike, but just one that has a really comfortable seat and is the right frame for your height. I'm looking more for a mountain bike vs. a road bike, but beyond that I have no idea what to get.

Jezzies: Are any of you bicyclists, and if so, do you have any recommendations?


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