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My City Council members are Douchebags

My city council, man they’re pissing me and a bunch of folks off. I’ve mentioned before that we have a community organization which has set up some community food pantry boxes. One of them is a few blocks over from my street and abuts a small park. A few are on property of some local churches, and a few are near other parks.

City Council had a meeting earlier this week where among other things, they complained that:

  • Concerns about food in the community boxes going bad, but notably they’re totally fine with the boxes on church property staying open. So just liability. Fine, whatever. We can probably put signs up saying something like “food is to be consumed at your own risk” etc etc. There’s no perishables put at the boxes, and food is gone so quick that there is no chance of a can of something puffing.
  • GASP!!!! There have been homeless folks spotted staying at the pavilion at the park near my house and OMG it’s totes because they’re there for the food in the community box and do we want that sort of element in our community. *clutches pearls* What if the community food boxes are drawing more homeless people to our area???

So, fuck them.

First of all, homeless folks got to stay somewhere. Unless you have a shelter available, just forcing them out doesn’t solve the issue of homeless folks in the community. Someone brought up Salvation Army’s shelter, and several folks were like fuck them too, they suck. Also, they’re requiring a negative covid19 test to stay there.. which definitely another roadblock to access.


Second, just because you see homeless folks at a park now doesn’t mean they weren’t already in the community just you didn’t drive by where they were sleeping. I’ve seen them around for the entire time I’ve lived here.

Third, some folks who live really close to that park said that there have been homeless folks using the space off and on for years. So the council can fuck right off with “oh they’re there because of the food source.” And even if that was the only reason they are at the park, okay fine. People need to eat. The faith-based food pantries require an ID with local zip code to be served. Anyone can access our community boxes. There’s no barrier to access.


I just... shit’s about to get really bad with evictions. Basically saying “well we don’t want the homeless people here” with no empathy or concern especially when we’ve always had homeless people here... fucking asshole move from the city council. They can suck a bag of moldy dicks.

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