Its a pity that tea baggers took a valid question and messed it up by twisting it into immigration topic. The question is should seniors take an exam about US history and government today an exam solely based on facts. Like name one factor that caused the 29 stock market crash or list the first three positions in the presidential line of succession or name one political party besides Democrat and Republican or name two causes for the civil war. It seems we constantly get surveys on Americans not knowing the basic facts of our history. This leads so easily into forgetting and repeating same mistakes but worse incredible manipulation of facts to manipulate the ignorant.

I am torn. On one level I want to see a very well educated society. On another level should kids who do well in all other subjects not graduate because of this. In my catholic hs we had to take two years of history many like myself took four years. Not sure if 2 is norm today. This was the 80s. On yet another level I see manipulation of the results aimed at certain groups.

So confused. Part of me says yes. Understanding who we were helps knowing who we are today. It also helps prevent others from manipulating the past to manipulate the ignorant. Yet I see the results manipulated against groups of people.

Thoughts. No this is not the same as a test to vote. Voting is a right that should never be fooled with. Graduating is something earned through grades and knowledge, ideally.