So, I got my absentee ballot today for the special mayoral election. Yup, on 19 Nov. we're choosing a new mayor. Can't say much for the choices. I hate it when your choices are basically "who?" "oh no, not him again!" and "$@^#&@!!!!razzlefrazzlegrumble!"

In less depressing news, when I went on the Registrar of Voters website to look for certain information, I couldn't help but notice the language options: " Espanol /Filipino / Tiếng Việt/中文" This I find rather fascinating. I'm a bit surprised that Korean isn't an option along with Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Chinese (I assume Mandarin? I don't have enough knowledge here), but I just think it's so cool to see the different languages voter information is available in.


It's a small thing, but it's an important small thing.

So, what are the common minority languages in your area?