Okay, I’m going to rant a little from my lawn.

I get that we have some very serious issues in this country. We don’t treat our citizens fairly or equally. We must fight to change that.

Part of that fight is not voluntarily giving up our rights and knowing what those rights are. That article on Jezebel ... yes ... it’s about a rich, white girl whose rights were violated. Yes. She has more privileges. Absolutely. Her very wealthy attorney mom is probably going to wipe the courtroom floor with those police that falsely arrested her and violated her rights. Do we all have that access?

No. We don’t.

Does that mean we stop supporting rights at all? No, goddamn it. It does not. We support her rights, her mother’s rights, my rights, your rights. We change things by supporting everyone’s rights, not by refusing to support anyone’s rights. Do you really imagine that, by not supporting rights “until everyone is equally treated” that will work?? Because, no. It’ll just mean we’ll get used to losing our rights until we don’t have any.


Let me repeat that. It will just mean we’ll lose our rights completely.

I was on a bus 200 hundred effing miles from the damned border when some officers stopped the bus and made us all show our IDs. At first, because I knew my rights, I refused. When it became clear they’d detain the whole busload of people, I showed my ID. Then, that police officer asked to see my SS card because “Illegals can get ID.” I had it on me. I told him that he should be ashamed, and he threatened to remove me from the bus. He backed down though, because I had family with me. I didn’t have the means to sue. But, anytime we can fight on this front, we really should. No matter who it is.